Hey Folks,

I’ll be the first to say that this “Subscribe” business is way too complicated. Now, if a dog had designed the web, it’d all be much easier.

Anyhow, you can get my latest without having to log on by SUBSCRIBING in one of several ways.

(1) EMAIL SIGN-UP: It’s now on the sidebar of the blog.

I’m not going to overwhelm you with junk, really. But if you’re interested in dogs and/or nature, then you should go ahead and sign up. You can always do like a flea and jump off later if you don’t like where the ride is taking you.

  • From WordPress:

“The blog subscriptions feature of allows readers to sign up and receive emails when new blog posts are published on any blog. The subscriber can select how often this email is sent (the delivery frequency – immediate, daily, or weekly), as well as when this email is sent (the delivery window – a specific day and hour).

Note that subscribers do not need to be registered with Anyone subscribing with an email address not associated with a account will be sent details of how to confirm and manage their subscriptions without needing to register at”


You can subscribe by clicking the link for RSS feed on the right side column of my blog. You’ll see two links, one for subscribing to “Entries” and one for Subscribing to “Comments.”

According to, 

“RSS feeds provide any user of the web with a way of easily storing and finding their favorite websites and blogs, making bookmarking much easier and totally web-based. By using an RSS reader, everything you store is web-based and can be opened from any computer.”

Read more: How to Use RSS Feeds |

Once you subscribe, how do you read the stuff? It appears that many browsers have RSS aggregators. For instance, if you’re using Internet Explorer, you’ll find that “Favorites” tool in your toolbar (real easy because it has the star by it) and under that you’ll find several tabs. One of those is the RSS aggregator. You’ll find all your RSS feeds there. Just check in whenever you want to read. So check you’re browser; you probably have a reader.

You can also get a feed reader like, iGoogle, Googlereader, Pageflakes, etc. You get the idea.

Happy reading!


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