My name is Flash. I live in Orlando, Florida. As of summer 2010, I’m about a year-and-a-half old (I’m adopted so no one really knows for sure). And by my alpha mom’s best guess, I’m a mix between Pharaoh Hound and Manchester Terrier, which means it’s in my nature to constantly hunt, chase, dig, snout stuff out of small spaces. My daily hope is that I’ll catch a cat. I chase them whenever I have the chance–and I am not just fooling around. However, my current job is personal trainer, companion and entertainer to Lauressa Nelson–sort of like a personal-trainer-meets-court-jester position.

By the way: a word on breedism

Yes, you’ll note that I list Pharaoh Hound in my title. I hope there aren’t any breedists out there who are going to get all uppity on me because I’m not a purebreed. It’s true; I’m mixed. But I identify most strongly with my sighthound brethren. I know there may be some legal definition of regarding what percentage I’ve got in me or whatever, but I’m not really interested in satisfying any breedist prejudices. In case you’re wondering, I’m adopted, so I’m not really sure what my real heritage is, and that opens up another can of worms that I’ll not get into here. Anyhow, I’m pretty sure I’ve got some terrier (possibly Manchester Terrier) in there somewhere because I totally love to snout out just about anything small, especially insects–I do most of it by digging, but I am also adept at catching flying inisects mid-air. Well, enough of the background. You’ll learn more about me from my day-to-day entries. More than that, you’ll learn about the small things in the natural world that you’d probably never notice without me.

About this blog:

This blog has been a long time coming. I see and do so much in the world each day, and I’ve really wanted to get it out to those humans who move from one air-conditioned box to another air-conditioned box on wheels and then to another air-conditioned box, never seeing the outside world, feeling the sunshine on their skin or the dirt under their paws, er, rather feet. Some entries may be just lists of what I see; others may be diatribes about the ridiculous use of herbicides and pesticides over every inch of grass in the metro-Orlando area. Do humans stop to think about their four-legged friends who have no other choice but to snort their chemical toxins every time we try to do our business? I urge you to QUIT the Roundup habit; really, it’s worse than cigarettes.



  1. Interesting blog. I love the dog’s voice on a dog blog. My dogs started one recently, as well: http://www.5MinutesforFido.com. It’s been fun having ‘them’ (I have 3) comment on my posts and put in their two cents.

    I’d love to stay in touch and learn more about you. We’re in the same metro area. Get in touch via email or Facebook (All Things Dog Blog) and maybe we can meet up at a dog park. Happy tails!

    • Hi Carrie,

      Yes, I subscribed to your blog and have seen both All Things and 5 Minutes. Wow! I didn’t know you were in Orlando. I’d definitely be interested in chatting. You can contact me more directly at lauressanelson@hotmail.com.


  2. i LOVE this blog! its SO CUTE! i’m surprised there’s no mention of the “old couple” next door. The white terrier, who thinks he is people and not an earth dog, and the scent/sight hound who cannot hunt well because she insists on barking at her prey!!! LOL!!

    • Well, Andrea, I want to keep the anonymity of the neighbors. However, I have thought about writing about some of the characters, especially the humans! Reminds me about the time I caught one of the old men down at the car wash in the middle of the night (I swear, about 12 midnight) washing his car in some see-through white leggings or similar stretch pants–with the HOSE down his shorts. I kid you not. The humans are waaaaay more funny and strange than the other dogs.

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