Posted by: pharaohhoundflash | December 7, 2010

How to make a dog mom worry: from chocolate and raisins to ticks!

So just a quick update. Everything is a-okay. Yes, indeed. Despite the chocolate-raisin scare, the induced vomitting, the passing of said chocolate-raisin-goji-berry energy bars (which means all was not vomitted). One emergency clinic and two follow-up vet visits later, and I’m fine, except for my getting in more trouble.

So Lauressa, she spoils me–it’s that new mom syndrome. She takes me everywhere. And when she got a chance to go hiking with her friends Steve and Tina (aka Stina), well, she thought it would be a blast for me. They took me along to Snow Hill Road in Oviedo (aka Little Big Econ State Forest). I got to see horses for the first time–I was really more interested in what they left behind (wink, wink) than I was in the horses themselves. Big things scare me, but stinky things do the opposite. Yes, I love the stink. Oh, yeah, and also I got to see a squirrel with its little heart ripped out! Yeesh! Had to be a bird of prey (mean old things)! Anyhow, I digress. Lauressa thought it’d be fun for me–and it was! Near the end, she got so confident about my trail following abilities that she let me off the trail a little to go check things out. I checked out a gopher tortoise hole. So Steve begins to explain how the hole is home to many little creatures, not just the gopher tortoise who created it. Other little creatures make little caves of their own within the gopher tortoise hole. So Lauressa forgets until WAY later the story her neighbor told about how her daughter, as a young child, had once lay across the opening of the gopher tortoise hole and then came into the house saying, “Look, mom, all these little bugs are running up and down my shirt!” She was covered in ticks! Nice! So Lauressa puts two and two together (but way too late as usual) and realizes that a home for many little creatures must just be a superhighway for ticks waiting to hitch a ride and grab a little food. Did you know ticks can go two years without feeding? Yes, and when they do finally feed, females can lay like 5000 eggs. Sweet.

Superhighway of ticks!

Anyhow, and deer ticks, those are the worst because they carry Lyme disease. We think that’s what these were. I’ve been sleeping in alot and Lauressa was worried that I could have contracted Lyme disease. But then, I’ve tried to let her know that it’s just that the weather has sucked for the past week–rain and clouds and now cold. . . too cold for my little thin-haired butt. She kind of gave up the worry. My CBC bloodwork, done at Animal Hospital at Baldwin Park, all looked good.

Anyhow, for more info on ticks and Lyme disease. Check these out. You gotta love University of Florida IFAS Extension. They give us lots of cool, scientific info. And there will be more to come about ticks and fleas and controlling them naturally in the near future! Stay tuned.



  1. Ticks are definitely no fun. We had a bad experience with an infestation after a camping trip. Here’s how we defeated the critters NATURALLY:

    • Thank you, Carrie! I am glad you found a natural treatment. Lauressa tries to keep it au naturel, as well. We have essential oil sprays which probably would have kept those ticks off, except that I rubbed it all off in the dirt right after she put it on. I mean, I really rubbed it off. That combined with the fact that I hung out near the gopher tortoise hole. . . and ran through the scrub. . . well, I did just about everything short of sending a formal invitation to those ticks. It was like, “Hey you guys!!!! Hop on!” Anyhow, thanks for the contact info of the treatment guy. I really hope we never need that. But it’s good to know someone can do the trick with good old peppermint oil.

  2. Stop by All Things Dog Blog to view the award you have won: Congratulations!

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