Posted by: pharaohhoundflash | October 18, 2010

Click or Bust?!

Hey guys,

Quick and overdue update! Lauressa made me go back to that crazy clicker training last week. She even bought me the rotisserie chicken and Honeycrisp apple at Whole Foods Market to entice me (and BTW, dude, check out this recipe for rotisserie chicken pot pie–Is that stoner food or what?! Well, it is Whole Foods, after all.) However, as soon as we got into this room where I started hearing all kinds of clickers and other noises, I started trying to run for the door. Not only that, I started quivering all over! This place has high ceilings and terrazo floors so the sound is loud and echoey and just totally freaks me out. I did the commands Lauressa asked me to like a little soldier–after all, I wasn’t gonna pass up those delicious chicken and apple chunks!

Honeycrisp apples have a short season and they're excellent this year. Get some!

I even came when Lauressa called out the “come” command. But I have to admit that if the chicken wasn’t there dangling from L’s greasy fingers, this chicken would’ve headed for the door. Whew! I was so relieved when the class ended. I was in a down-stay, but when Lauressa said, “Okay, Flash, let’s go,” she didn’t have to tell me twice, ya know what I mean? I bounced up quicker than water droplet in a hot oiled pan. But I was so freaked out by the overall experience that I couldn’t even poop until like the next afternoon.

Lauressa’s trying to figure out what to do next. She let me skip class tonight. She said that last incident stressed her out too. She left with a headache and claimed she had a doctor’s prescription for a glass of wine. (I told her she didn’t owe me any explanations for the wine, but for that scary experience, she has some explaining to do). So anyhow, we skipped clicker training tonight. Lauressa’s worried she’ll have to pay the full amount anyhow. Buuuuttt, she says she just couldn’t put us through that experience again.

So instead, we’re starting Bark Busters home training. I don’t like the sound of anyone “busting” me. But I’ll listen to what this new lady has to say at least. Supposedly, these guys won some “Best of the Best” award from the SPCA. I’m an open-minded guy. I just can’t seem to contain my excitement; that’s all. Is there anything so wrong with that? If you’ll recall my “Jump for Joy” entry, I mentioned that I just don’t understand why humans need us dogs to act so prim, proper, stuffy and well, human-like. I don’t mean any disrespect, but I have to say it makes me laugh to see humans spending so much time and money trying to figure us out. And I also have to say that none of these training methods have totally won me over yet.

Will it be a "bark" or a "bust?"



  1. Good luck with your new method, Flash. BTW, I understand about the clicker training. Tanner and I saw lots of pups at agility who didn’t appreciate that noise either, so you’re in good company. No worries, mate!

    We used Bark Busters for our last experience and had a good one; it’s different, but a gentle approach that you may like. Here’s my post:

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