Posted by: pharaohhoundflash | October 9, 2010

I’ll stand for a treat, too!

Hello guys,

Quick update on the clicker training, which you’ll see from last post, I don’t like. Lauressa’s replaced the clicker with a word “marking” when I do what she’s asking (they told her not to use “GOOD,” but she does anyhow. They told her to use “CLICK,” which is completely unnatural, but she’s trying out “EXCELLENT,” and that’s going well.) It’s working great! In one day, I learned the motion that means “stand” and so now, not only do I sit and lay down on command, I also stand. I’m getting the most awesome treats like chunks of apple (honey crisps are finally here from NY!), Pet Greens chicken & wheatgrass bites, romaine lettuce leaves (yes, I love these) and this morning smoked buffalo jerky (this is new and yummy)! This is lots of fun because heck, I love food so much, I’ll do all this stuff just for my Acana grain-free kibble (which, BTW, won pet food of the year 2010-11)!

healthy treats

Pet Greens treats are grain-free, pure natural goodness with wheatgrass!

Also new and unbelievably scrumptous:  Lauressa cooked me split peas and red lentils and added that to my kibble. OMG–I couldn’t get enough. She says it’s easy to make. She didn’t need to add a thing, and I loved it!

But lemme tell you, I STILL dislike the gentle leader or halti thing, even though I know I don’t have a choice other than to wear it. AND I HATE the clicker. The clicks of this little computer are annoying enough.

What are your favorite treats?

Award-winning, grain-free, kibble from Canada



  1. Flash good to see you are training Lauressa well. She is very stuborn but she will eventually get it – be patient. She does love you and it sounds like you are eating well. Give her my best and be sure to tell her I will be back in town in November – I will send you some postcards….

    • Hey Steve! Good to hear from you! Yes, thanks for the reassurance. I’m really trying to be patient with her. Steve, I hope you’re having a good time out there in SLC and that you aren’t being converted into a Mormon.

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