Posted by: pharaohhoundflash | October 5, 2010

Training part two: click and leave?

So Lauressa has called about eight or ten different trainers. She’s heard back from all but a few–and she tells me the whole thing is rather complicated. There are so many different philosophys and types of training. Last night, she took me to a clicker-training class in “Basic Manners.” I think I’m a pretty polite guy, but I guess the jumping up on people and some of my leash antics have landed me in this remedial class. Neither one of us are sure we like this clicker stuff. I did like when the lady gave me a big bite of fried chicken, but other than that, the sound of the clicker freaks me out. In fact, when Lauressa was watching these videos, I had to leave the room. I’m happy to follow Lauressa’s hand in any direction for a treat, but the clicker has me looking around for a weapon or something and all my attention goes out the window. Lauressa and I were both drained and exhausted when we got home. We’ll see if we return for next week’s class.


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