Posted by: pharaohhoundflash | July 6, 2010

Jump for joy

Humans are so uptight and stuffy. They’re always trying to curb our enthusiasm–if I may speak on behalf on my fellow canines. For instance, what is wrong with showing a person how excited I am to see them by jumping up and down, even if some of the jumping happens to be on them? I mean, why do humans try to stifle this? Don’t they remember doing the same thing as kids when their parents came home from work? What happens in the human aging process that causes them to get stiff and unexpressive–two qualities, might I remind you, of being DEAD. For Dog’s sake, LIVE a little, humans! You should be happy that I’m jumping up and down when I see you. At least I’m not peeing on your shoes.

Honestly, I think humans need to take a few lessons from us dogs about living simply and expressing themselves fully and with complete abandon.



  1. […] that’s all. Is there anything so wrong with that? If you’ll recall my “Jump for Joy” entry, I mentioned that I just don’t understand why humans need us dogs to act so […]

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