Posted by: pharaohhoundflash | June 28, 2010

Blame It On the Moon

Last night Lauressa and I walked to her community garden as the sun was setting. I like going there until she starts telling me I can’t just go up and eat people’s fruit (I love strawberries) or veggies. Oh, by the way, I enjoyed a delicious wheatgrass ice cube as a snack yesterday. Yeah, I get to eat some strange stuff. It was almost as good as cat poop, but nothing really beats that. So anyhow, we stayed at the garden until dark and then we walked/jogged for another hour as the full moon was rising. It was really gorgeous, especially near the lake where the light was flitting and dancing across the surface of the water. Lots of animals go nuts, too, like all the toads I saw jumping about. Where had they been hiding before? I’ve never really seen many of them around. And then there were the cats. . . .

Lauressa says the full moon makes strange things happen. And I tried to use that as my excuse for mine. I claimed temporary insanity for jumping a fence after a feral cat yesterday at my grandparents’ place yesterday, and also for this morning, when I saw the local stray on our property, and again I just went for it. I mean, we weren’t even outside for more than 5 minutes. We’d just woken up! But I saw this Sylvester-looking cat and pulled the leash right out of Lauressa’s hand. Poor gal, trying to chase after me, slipped and fell on the wet pavement. I try to explain to her that she should just let me do my thing, but she says she doesn’t want to see the cat OR me get killed. Anyhow, unfortunately, my stupid leash got caught under a car tire and the stray got away. I’ll get her next time.


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