Posted by: pharaohhoundflash | June 26, 2010

By the way: a word on breedism

Yes, you’ll note that I list Pharaoh Hound in my title. I hope there aren’t any breedists out there who are going to get all uppity on me because I’m not a purebreed. It’s true; I’m mixed. But I identify most strongly with my sighthound brethren. I know there may be some legal definition of regarding what percentage I’ve got in me or whatever, but I’m not really interested in satisfying any breedist prejudices. In case you’re wondering, I’m adopted, so I’m not really sure what my real heritage is, and that opens up another can of worms that I’ll not get into here. Anyhow, I’m pretty sure I’ve got some Manchester Terrier in there somewhere because I totally love to snout out just about anything small, especially insects–I do most of it by digging, but I am also adept at catching flying inisects mid-air. Well, enough of the background. You’ll learn more about me from my day-to-day entries. More than that, you’ll learn about the small things in the natural world that you’d probably never notice without me.


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